Stop Thinking and Have Faith

As a teenager, my motto was “question everything”.

The modern mind is addicted to thinking and questioning:

“Don’t take anything on authority.

Think for yourself.”

Questioning is related to questing,

And to the modern mind,

Questing and seeking

Are the essence of spirituality.

Why do people say,

“I am spiritual but not religious”?

Because they are spiritual seekers

Whose motto is “question everything”.

They think,

“Religious people don’t question.

They just believe.

They have blind faith.

They are simple-minded and gullible.”

But what if you find

What you were seeking for?

Do you keep seeking?

What if you cross to the other shore?

Do you carry the raft with you

Wherever you go?

I used to be spiritual.

But now I am religious.


Partly through my experience

With psychedelics.

Thinking, questioning,

Skepticism and doubt,

Invariably lead to bad outcomes:

Either “nada” or “mal viaje”.

I have observed this in myself

And in others.

What we take to be

The heroic dignity

Of enlightened self-reliance,


And self-determination,

Is in fact that old devil called Pride.

And pride comes before a fall.

As I have repeatedly said

In various ways,

Gnosis without pistis and kenosis

Is dangerous.

What is kenosis?

Self-emptying – “bodymind dropped”.

What is pistis?

Faith – “the Word made flesh”.

A good religious

Must stop thinking and have faith.

And the same is true of a good psychonaut.