Babylon Dropped!

When Dogen Zenji was enlightened, he exclaimed, “bodymind dropped!”

Zen aims at this “bodymind dropped!”, called satori in Japanese.

Zen is “direct pointing to reality outside the scriptures”;

Satori is “direct seeing of reality outside the delusional bodymind”.

William Blake said, “If the doors of perception were cleansed,

Everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

This is satori. This is enlightenment.

Dogen Zenji also said, “training and enlightenment are one”.

There is no end to spiritual awakening.

Which comes first, enlightenment or training?

Which comes first, chicken or egg?

It is an endless cycle.

In Christian terms, gnosis is spiritual vision (kensho);

Pistis is faithful spiritual practice (buddhadharma);

Kenosis is spiritual dying to self (satori).

Gnosis is “I am enlightened together with the universe”;

Pistis is “training and enlightenment are one”;

Kenosis is “bodymind dropped!”.

“Bodymind dropped!” is “Babylon dropped!”

And babylon dropped is boundless freedom.