Psychedelic Mysticism

The highest possible psychedelic vision is the vision of the One.

This is similar to the unitive vision of the mystic, but not identical.

Both visions are encapsulated in the statement, “All is One”.

Both are experiential, intuitive, embodied, felt visions,

Far more real than mere theoretical, intellectual intuitions.

The psychedelic vision, however, has a stronger noetic quality.

For the duration of the experience, there is only the One

In exclusive, complete and resplendent clarity.

The most ancient and unambiguous symbol of the One is AUM,

The primordial sound of the Indian Vedas.

AUM is the Singularity from which the All proceeds

And in which All subsist.

Although One, it is composed of three distinct elements:

A – Parashiva;

U – Shiva;

M – Shakti.

Parashiva is “One without a Second”,

Pure subjective consciousness without any conscious object.

This is God the Father in Heaven,

Infinite Being-Consciousness-Bliss (Satchidananda).

Shiva is “Self consciousness”,

The inner spark or soul of every living thing.

This is the Son of God,

The indwelling Christ, Atman or Buddha Nature.

Shakti is “the Many”,

The infinite multiplicity of All and Everything.

This is the Holy Spirit,

The Creation transfigured as a new Heaven and a new Earth.

Psychedelic mysticism is about remembering the One (AUM);

Remembering the Two (Parashiva, Shiva);

And remembering the Many (Shakti).

Shakti proceeds from Parashiva and Shiva

(The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son);

Only Shiva can approach Parashiva

(No one comes to the Father except through the Son);

AUM contains Parashiva, Shiva and Shakti

(The Trinitarian God is Three-in-One).

For more on these last three points, see chapter 18 of The Confessions of a Psychedelic Christian, “Three, Two, One: Heaven, Earth, Hell”, chapter 34, “What’s Behind the Wall?” and the blog posts, How to Approach the Unapproachable and The DMT God and the Mushroom Christ.