1, 3, 7, 12

The One is what we commonly call “God”.

It is One without a Second,

the Absolute,

All and Everything.

We can get a taste of it in breakthrough experiences of ego death

on high doses of DMT.


The Three is what we commonly call “the Trinity”.

It is the basic structure of existence,

that which makes the world of form and multiplicity possible.

In Trika Shaivism, it is consciousness and form (Shiva and Shakti)

held in absolute consciousness (Parashiva).

In Christian terms, Parashiva is the Father, Shiva is the Son and Shakti is the Holy Spirit.

In Gnostic Christianity, the Holy Spirit is also Sophia (Wisdom), the feminine principle,

which is also the manifest Creation, like Shakti.


The Seven is what I call “the Ray of Creation”.

It describes seven levels of existence in the evolution of the universe:

Emptiness, Energy, Matter, Life, Mind, Planetary and Universal Consciousness:

Amun, Ra, Atum, Ka, Ba, Gaia, Jah.

“Amun” is the Plenum Void out of which the universe emerges,

what Lao Tzu called “the mother of the universe”.

“Ra-Atum-Ka” is the Holy Spirit/Shakti (energy, matter, life),

called “the Lord, the giver of life” in the Nicene Creed.

“Ba-Gaia” is the Son/Shiva (higher consciousness).

“Jah” is the Father/Parashiva (a fully evolved and unified conscious universe).

Parashiva, as the transcendent principle, is therefore both “Amun” and “Jah”,

both Mother and Father, embracing the entire family of Creation

as Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end;

and Shiva and Shakti are Son and Daughter, the Christ and Sophia/Holy Spirit,

completing the quaternity of the Cosmic Family.


The Twelve represents the cycle of time through the zodiac and thus the months of the year.

It represents the outer movement of the inner workings of the Seven-in-Three-in-One.

It will repeat endlessly until the last syllable of recorded time.

It is the history of the eternal return of the same intersected at every point by a ray of eternity.