Wake Up!

In the midst of life, we are in death;

in the midst of the world, we are in God;

in the midst of earth, we are in heaven.


The Many is the life of this world on earth;

the One is the death of God in heaven.

That which mediates between the One and the Many is the Trinity.


Without the Trinity, the One cannot become Many and the Many cannot become One.

The Trinity is that which gives breath to the universe,

that which allows it to exhale from the One to the Many and to inhale the Many back to the One.


Without the Trinity, we are either lost in death (the One) or lost in life (the Many).

All things fall apart in a world without the One,

because the centre cannot hold.


In a dissipated, ever expanding universe we forget where the centre is.

Ten thousand things clamour for our attention,

but every thing has meaning only relative to some other thing.


Our postmodern condition is a condition of utter alienation from the One;

lost in the forests of the night of the Many,

we are lifeless because deathless.


History is a nightmare from which we are trying to awake;

the Mushroom our alarm clock,

the Trinity our dawn.