To Integrate or To Be Integrated

There is much talk in psychedelic circles about preparation and integration. You should prepare yourself and your environment beforehand so that you have the right set and setting for a good trip. You should integrate the experience into your life so that you can grow and mature spiritually and psychologically.

That’s all well and good for a moderate experience. But breakthrough experiences are different. The tables are turned. Instead of integrating the psychedelic vision into your ordinary life, you feel compelled to integrate your ordinary life into the psychedelic vision. This is precisely what Saint Augustine was getting at in relation to the Eucharist (the body of Christ) when he said:

I heard Thy voice from on high: “I am the food of grown men: grow and you shall eat Me. And you shall not change Me into yourself as bodily food, but into Me you shall be changed.”

This is the difference between the psycho-therapeutic approach to psychedelics, seeking wholeness, and the spiritual approach, seeking holiness. Do you change the mushroom into yourself like bodily food, or do you change yourself into the mushroom spirit?

And what is the Mushroom Spirit but the Holy Spirit? And what is the Holy Spirit but God? And what is the man or woman changed by the Holy Spirit but a Son or Daughter of God? (This explains the Trinity).

“The world is not saved by evolution but by incarnation. The more deeply we enter into prayer the more certain we become of this. Nothing can redeem the lower and bring it back to health, but a life-giving incursion from the higher; a manifestation of the already present Reality. ‘I came forth from the Father and came into the world’: and this perpetual advent – the response of the eternal Agape to Eros in his need – is the true coming into time of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Pentecostal energy and splendour is present to glorify every living thing: and sometimes our love reaches the level at which it sees this as a present fact and the actual is transfigured by the real.”

Evelyn Underhill