Holy, Holy, Holy

When you realize that the psychedelic experience is holy and sacred, you treat it with respect and trust. You treat it with reverence. When you take a high dose, you are on holy ground. So you are very careful. Careful to be quiet, careful to pay attention. Careful to behave yourself. This is true sacred ceremony. Your left brain gives up the reins and your right brain takes the lead. The experience is whole and holy. If the left brain refuses to surrender, the experience is fragmented and frightening.

The “first holy” is the psychedelic experience with the right brain in charge. This is why we meditate in preparation for the trip. The “second holy” is religion with the right brain in charge. When the left brain is in charge, religion is absurd, whether you are religious or not. If you are religious, you embrace the absurdity; if you are atheist, you reject it. Either way, it is not holy. The holiness of religion – the scriptures, the music, the art, the ritual – is only experienced as holy when the right brain is in charge.

The “third holy” is everything. Life. Every moment of existence. Again, this sense of the holiness of everything is only possible when the right brain is in charge. But how to surrender the comforting control of the left brain hemisphere in everyday life? How to give up the picture of reality in exchange for reality itself? Reality is too scary. It’s too real. Anything might happen.

It’s very difficult to leave the safe houses of the left hemisphere. It takes faith. But where can we find this faith? In the “first holy”, faithful surrender to the holy mushroom, and in the “second holy”, faithful surrender to religion.

When you train yourself in right brain dominance through sacred psychedelic ceremonies and religious study, worship, prayer, meditation, etc., when it comes to being right brain dominant in the rest of your life, it’s not so difficult. It’s just one more step. The “third holy”. The third leap of faith.

When you have faith, you can let go and be here now. You can stand firmly in the right brain hemisphere, in direct, unmediated, open zen awareness. Only then, with the third holy, with the three holies of psychedelics (gnosis), religion (pistis) and zen (kenosis), are you truly a holy man or holy woman. You are whole and holy indeed when the rightful Master, the deposed King, the crucified God, is returned to the throne. You are a child of God in the kingdom of Heaven.