Agent and Arena

Worldview attunement depends on the consonant co-identification of agent and arena.

The various aspects of the human ego, which I affectionately refer to as “Divas”, “Demons”, “Victims”, “Addicts”, “Muppets” and “Muggles”, are agents in the arena of the ordinary human world, what I call “Babylon”. Depending on which ego state predominates at any one time determines your existential mode.

“Mystics”, “Shamans”, “Warriors”, “Monks/Nuns”, “Philosophers” and “Kings/Queens”, as aspects of “Buddha Nature” or “Christ Consciousness”, are agents in the arena of the supra-mental, supra-human world of “Gaia”, “the Pure Land” or “the Kingdom of God”. Similarly, the existential mode is determined by which aspect is dominant.

There are actually six arenas (the six realms of the Wheel of Life) in which each of the six “worldly” ego agents can act and six arenas in which the six “spiritual” agents can act. “Babylon” and “the Pure Land” are meta-arenas containing within them the potential for any one of their six sub-arenas to manifest.

In Babylon, these are: the Heavenly Realm (Devaloka), the Hell Realm (Narakaloka), the Animal Realm, the Hungry Ghost Realm, the Titan Realm and the Human Realm. In the Pure Land, these are: the Pure Place (which can be either a Pure Consciousness Event (PCE) or Resonant At-Onement depending on whether you are attentionally scaling down in meditation or scaling up in contemplation), the Dragon, the Dojo, the Temple, the School and the Kingdom.

A sense of incongruity, meaningless or absurdity occurs when the wrong agent is in the wrong arena. The cultivation of spiritual character therefore depends on finding the appropriate arena within which to exercise the skills and virtues associated with each archetype. You need to find the right place for the practice of the six yogas (dhyana, kundalini, karma, bhakti, jnana, raja).

Only then can the virtual be realised. Only then can you actually live up to your potential.