Scientific and Spiritual Methods

Psychedelic Christian Zen has three “moments”: gnosis, pistis and kenosis, which form the three stages of a psychedelic cycle of knowledge:






Kenosis is the temporary suspension or bracketing of all interpretative theories and models, gnosis is direct experiential revelation or insight and pistis is the processing and integration of this direct perception into one’s existing model of reality. Kenosis empties the mind of preconceptions, prejudices, assumptions and biases in order that fresh gnosis can occur as clearly and cleanly as possible, and better modify and refine our evolving pistis.

This cycle of knowledge is a simplified version of the scientific method. The “purification” is the clearing necessary for scientific objectivity and neutrality, the “perception” is the scientific experiment itself and the “dalliance” is scientific hypothesis-testing and theory-building. In the psychedelic setting, kenosis (purification) is the preparation before a trip and pistis (dalliance) is the integration after a trip.

However, these three “moments”, kenosis, gnosis, pistis, also form the basis of a spiritual method:






Here both meditation and prayer aid communion with the spirit of the plant medicine and the Great Spirit beyond. A successful, transformative trip requires both presence of mind (meditation) and effective self-soothing (prayer). This is most powerfully achieved through self-emptying (kenosis) and faith (pistis).

On the other hand, powerful psychedelic experiences, especially mystical ones, strengthen and deepen the meditation and prayer life of the individual post-trip. It is a virtuous cycle, wherein meditation and prayer produce a stronger psychedelic communion and a stronger psychedelic communion produces stronger meditation and prayer, peace and love, zen and faith.