The Three Great Mysteries

There are three great mysteries in the life of the spirit:

The mystery of zen, the mystery of psychedelics and the mystery of faith.

The first is presence, here and now, beyond space and time, body and mind.

It is the still, small voice of the self which is no-self in the boundless field of nonduality.

The second is encounter with the numinous, the mysterium tremendum et fascinans.

It is the wholly other, the alternating wrath and grace of the unapproachable divine source of all.

The third is the divine logos, the peace which passes all understanding, the love which never fails.

It is the covering atonement, the propitiation, absolution, reconciliation and redemption.

These three great mysteries of kenosis, gnosis and pistis are mutually reinforcing.

Each precedes and succeeds the other two, preparing the soul to receive the holy mysteries in ever greater fullness.

Great is the mystery of zen.

Great is the mystery of psychedelics.

Great is the mystery of faith.