The Psychedelic Life

A psychedelic priest must live a psychedelic life. That is to say, they must walk the walk and practice what they preach.

What is psychedelic practice? What is the psychedelic life? In the ceremonial, which is to say, “religious” context, as opposed to the recreational, “hippy” context, psychedelic life and practice is sober and disciplined. It consists of three elements: preparation, communion and integration.

The psychedelic priest administers the sacrament and conducts the ceremony. This is the heart and soul of the practice: an act of communion with the psychedelic spirit of the holy mushroom and with whatever numinous contact with divinity that affords. But there is also the before and after, the preparation and integration, to take into account.

For the psychedelic priest, kenosis (meditation) is the preparation and pistis (prayer) is the integration. The communion, that is, the psychedelic experience itself, is gnosis (revelation). This is the basic model for all serious practitioners.

The true psychedelic life is a life of meditation, revelation and prayer.