The Sevenfold Path

The psychedelic journey does not begin in earnest until you have realized the hippy mantra, “lose your mind and come to your senses”, that is, until your mind stops and your body takes over, until you stop thinking and start feeling.

Then the sevenfold path can unfold:

  1. Lose your mind (Mystic – Dhyana Yoga)
  2. Come to your senses (Shaman – Kundalini Yoga)
  3. Come into your power (Warrior – Karma Yoga)
  4. Open your heart (Monk/Nun – Bhakti Yoga)
  5. Free your mind (Philosopher – Jnana Yoga)
  6. Know thyself (King/Queen – Raja Yoga)
  7. Love thy neighbour (Friend -Maitri Yoga)