The Bread of Unforgetting

People come to psychedelic ceremonies for many reasons. They want insight. They want healing. But most of all they want magic. Life without magic is unbearable for magical beings.

Some may have a genuine psychedelic breakthrough and glimpse the source of all magic and all existence. This is the beatific vision, moksha, awakening, apokalypsis.

Then the veil descends once more and the cloud of forgetting obscures the light once again. But a trace remains, a distant memory of seeing and believing.

Now the spiritual work is no longer about seeking, but about remembering. Now it’s all about unforgetting, anamnesis.

Kenosis is anamnesis. We remember to be here now. We remember to be more zen.

Gnosis is anamnesis. We remember the beatific vision. We remember what is behind the veil.

Pistis is anamnesis. We remember the timeless teachings that flow from kenosis and gnosis.

Lord, help us to remember. Grant us anamnesis. Give us this day our daily bread. Grant us pistis; grant us kenosis; grant us gnosis.

Pistis is our daily bread. We read the scriptures every morning on arising and every night before bed. We read a chapter from a book on the reading list every day.

Kenosis is our daily bread. We live a life of meditation, a life of self-emptying. Every-day zen. Every-minute zen.

But gnosis, as the gnostic psychedelic apocalypse, is our monthly bread. Humankind cannot bear very much reality.