How God Works

Beyond the horizon of the phenomenal world, beyond the horizon of your phenomenal world, is pure consciousness, one without a second. This pure consciousness is that which sustains your world, that which holds it in existence. Otherwise, an experienced world would be impossible.

On the other side of the dividing line between phenomena and noumena is pure, absolute consciousness, Parashiva. On this side of the line is subjective consciousness and its objective world, Shiva and Shakti.

Parashiva by definition cannot be in direct relation to the world, because as soon as there is an experienced world and an experiencer of the world, phenomena and consciousness, we are in the realm of subject and object, Shiva and Shakti, no longer the nondual “one without a second”.

Is the background consciousness of our worlds an inert world-enabler, a kind of cosmic microwave background? Is “God” basically irrelevant to the actual functioning of the world? The Original Cause merely, an Unmoved Mover who retired for good on the seventh day of Creation as Deists thought?

If God as absolute consciousness were to have any influence on the physical, contingent world of things and history, it would have to be through the medium of relative consciousness, Shiva, since Shiva shares the essential nature of Parashiva (consciousness), but in relationship with the phenomenal world, Shakti.

This is why it is said that the Son is both fully God and fully man. If it were otherwise, there would be no point of contact. Redemption, which really means “being put right with God”, is impossible without contact, without a bridge between God and the world.

This bridge is Christ, the Anointed One. The anointing consists of complete absorption of Shiva in Parashiva, of the Son in the Father. The transforming power of this immersion, this baptism in the waters of pure consciousness, is manifest on return to the world, now revealed as a pure land, or “kingdom of God”, filled with the glory of the Holy Spirit. Shakti removes Her veil in a revealing apokalypsis.

Thus, through the agency of conscious human beings, God patiently works His magic on the world, one soul at a time.