The Consummation of Worship

“The Christian hope of the future is that … the true message and meaning of the Incarnation will come to be more deeply understood: and the demand on man’s worshipping love and total self-offering, will receive a more complete response – a response stretching upward in awe-struck contemplation to share that adoring vision of the Principle which is ‘the inheritance of the saints of light,’ and downwards and outwards in loving action, to embrace and so transform the whole world. When this happens, Christian sacramental worship will at last disclose its full meaning and enter into its full heritage. For it will be recognized as the ritual sign of our deepest relation with Reality, and so of the mysterious splendour of our situation and our call: the successive life of man freely offered in oblation, and the abiding life of God in Christ received, not for our own sakes, but in order to achieve that transfiguration of the whole created universe, that shining forth of the splendour of the Holy, in which the aim of worship shall be fulfilled.”

Evelyn Underhill