The spirit of the Holy Mushroom only reveals itself in its full power and glory when approached with due reverence and humility and with the true spirit of worship.

This is only possible with religious training, that is, with the acquired capacity for heartfelt worship and prayer.

Take inspiration from the monastics, the world experts in devotional prayer. It’s never too late or too early to learn bhakti yoga. The Mushroom is patient. The Mushroom will wait.

O worship the King

All glorious above;

O gratefully sing

His power and his love:

Our Shield and Defender,

The Ancient of days,

Pavilioned in splendour,

And girded with praise.

O tell of his might,

O sing of his grace,

Whose robe is the light,

Whose canopy space.

His chariots of wrath

The deep thunder-clouds form,

And dark is his path

On the wings of the storm.