The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail is a mythical cup which confers eternal youth to whoever drinks from it. The knights of the round table of Arthurian legend are sent out on a quest to find it, as it is the only thing that can heal the stricken king.

What is the Holy Grail?

It is a cup filled with the blood of Christ, which is the spirit of God (some might say the entheogenic elixir). In Kabbalah, this “saving cup” is the Kli, the spiritual vessel for the divine light. In Christianity, it is the body of Christ, the Word made flesh, the embodied Word of God (which is why you should read your bible and go to church seriously, which is to say worshipfully – through “lectio divina” and “auditio divina”).

In the Way of the Holy Mushroom, it is also the embodied mantra and music. If we can’t stand the power of the Holy Spirit in the psychedelic experience, if we cannot “bear the beams of love”, our psyche will simply shatter into pieces: Shevirat haKeilim. And the life-giving Spirit will be lost. The mantra and the music provide a container for the infinite abundance of the divine energies so that we can hold them and channel them through this mortal frame here on earth without shattering.

Taking our cue from Nassim Taleb, the vessel which receives the devastating power of the psychedelic numen is actually “anti-fragile”. It is not fragile, like a wine glass that smashes as soon as it hits the hard floor, but neither is it non-fragile, like a plastic beaker that bounces back. It is anti-fragile, like our bones and muscles, which means that it actually get stronger when put under stress.

Thus it is the mystical wine inside the cup that creates the cup itself. The cup is made of solid wine; you might say the body of Christ is made of solid blood (if it weren’t such an unpleasant image!) In other words, it is through the drink and the drinking that the cup manifests. The golden chalice doesn’t come ready made, but alchemically materialises out of the very golden elixir it holds.

So don’t worry. Painful, disorientating and apocalyptic though it unquestionably is, even “the shattering of the vessels” only makes the vessels stronger. (With the important caveat that psychedelics are contra-indicated for people with serious mental health problems, and especially those with a history of psychotic breakdown. If you have any concerns, please proceed with caution, if at all.)