Angels in Babylon

Those who are called to the spiritual life are called to be angels in Babylon. Once you understand and accept that the world is in thrall to all sorts of deception and malevolence, and that human beings are continuously possessed by Diva, Demon, Victim, Addict, Muppet and Muggle spirits, you realise that all you can hope for is to be a light in the darkness.

Don’t be discouraged or depressed. Don’t be disappointed. If you dream of Sion, you will feel homeless in Babylon. Look to yourself and do your bit. The angels will guide us to the Promised Land, even if it takes hundreds and thousands of years. In the meantime, as much as is in your power, be an angel.

Grow your wings and spend time in Heaven. Remember that time is elastic – an hour in Heaven is like a year on Earth. But remember also that you are here to help. The treasures you are given in Heaven are a gift to people on Earth. Bring back peace, love, goodness, beauty, truth, consciousness and bliss. That’s all you can do.