Beyond the Prison of the Ego

“Do you know how you deal with a complex dynamical system that is operating against you? By cultivating a counteractive dynamical system that is operating for you.”

John Vervaeke

This is what I have been saying from the start. You cannot fix the off-kilter Wheel of Life by tinkering with it and tweaking it. Why? Because it is a complex self-organising adaptive system that will just reconfigure itself around whatever interventions you make. It doesn’t work.

Something more radical is needed. If you really want to be free from the suffering (dukkha) created by your dysfunctional ego system, you have to get off the Wheel altogether and establish an alternative non-dysfunctional system.

To escape the parasitic processing (Muppet-Victim), reciprocal narrowing (Muggle-Addict) and egocentrism (Diva-Demon) of the Babylon System you need to cultivate the decentring, reciprocal opening and anagogic awakening of the Enlightenment System (Mystic-Shaman-Warrior-Monk-Philosopher-King).

The only way to get beyond the prison of the ego is to be born again. And again.