True Practice

What is true practice?

The application of Great Faith.

Do not waste time.

Cease from erudition.

Avoid controversies, intrigues and debates.

You cannot argue with a sick mind, so don’t try.

Be unshakeable,

Immune from Project Doubt, Project Outrage and Project Fear.

Be steadfast,

Unswayed by the insinuations of Divas, Muppets and Victims.

Stand firm,

Unmoved by Project Greed and Project Normal.

Be yourself,

Free from the seductions of Addicts and Muggles.

Neither succumb to the Demonic temptation to destroy.

Be ever hopeful.

Shun Project Despair.

Have faith.

And what is the true essence of true practice?

The Bodhisattva Vow made in the heart of compassion.