Remember God

Remember God.

Not just the Sky God,

The Otherworldly God,

The Transcendent God,

The “Christian” God.

Remember God.

Remember the One,

All and Everything;

Not just Parashiva,

But Shiva and Shakti also;

Not just the Father,

But the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Remember God.

Practice the presence of God;

Practice Self remembering;

Practice mindfulness,

Practice Zen.

A theory of God is next to useless –

It’s the practice that matters.

Remember God.

Remember the One God,

The Lord Almighty;

Remember the Threefold God,

Parashiva, Shiva, Shakti;

Remember the Sevenfold God,

Amun, Ra, Atum, Ka, Ba, Gaia, Jah.

Remember God.

All the time.