Armour and Staff

When you enter the psychedelic spirit world, it’s a good idea to take a couple of things with you. On Radio 4’s Desert Island Disks, you are automatically given the collected works of Shakespeare and the Bible to take with you to your imaginary desert island. In Integral Psychedelic Christianity, you are given the Armour of Christ and the Staff of Moses.

The Armour of Christ is made up of four body-mantras: Zen-Soma-Body-Heart-Mind-Soul-Spirit followed by Mystic-Shaman-Warrior-Monk-Philosopher-King (or Mystic-Shaman-Warrior-Nun-Philosopher-Queen), then Peace-Love-Goodness-Beauty-Truth-Consciousness-Bliss (the mantra of the first psychedelic revolution in the 1960’s was Peace and Love, an extremely powerful mantra, which I’ve just extended a little) and finally the Christian virtues, Humility-Chastity-Prudence-Temperance-Patience-Diligence-Gratitude.

The Staff of Moses is what I’ve been calling The Ray of Creation, The Cosmic Tree or The Tree of Life. It is the hierarchy of Heaven and Earth, reaching up from Emptiness to Energy, Matter, Life, Mind, Planetary Consciousness and the entire Universe: Amun-Ra-Atum-Ka-Ba-Gaia-Jah. These seven levels of existence are associated with the seven chakras of ancient Indian Tantra along the spinal column, forming another body-mantra.

The Armour and the Staff will help you safely navigate the psychedelic experience. You should also attend carefully to set and setting and dosage.

The rest of the time, which is to say, when you’re sober, you should simply try your best to be a good Christian, or a good Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or whatever other religion you identify with. If you can’t manage religion, just try and be a good person.