Flat Batteries

I spent Christmas Eve morning with a Romanian boat mechanic. My battery was flat so I had to jump start the engine with his. As he fiddled and I hovered, I couldn’t help thinking about the deeper lesson.

When we feel depleted, we need to recharge our batteries. We need a holiday. Like Christmas. But why did we get flat in the first place? Flat batteries are caused by leaks. But where are the leaks?

We leak energy all the time. Worry, anxiety, negativity, obsession, over reacting, over thinking. When we are ruled by our inner demon, addict, victim, muggle, muppet, or diva, we leak energy.

We accumulate energy simply by limiting its dispersion. Although negative thoughts and feelings are the biggest drain on our energy reserves, even ordinary thinking is a drain. To plug the leaks, you need to stop having negative thoughts, but ultimately, you need to stop thinking. Stopping thinking is meditation.

The energy we accumulate in meditation is experienced as inner vitality. It awakens the inner shaman. Mystic, Shaman, Warrior, Monk, Philosopher, King. This channel charges your inner energy reserves and defends you from leakage. If you can establish yourself as a “Philosopher King” (or “Philosopher Queen”) you will find it easier and easier to stop thinking and acting like a muppet or a muggle. You will stop draining away your energy.

So keep practicing. And stop leaking!