The Roots that Clutch

“What are the roots that clutch? What branches grow out of this stony rubbish?” (wonders T.S. Eliot) They are the roots and branches of Ego, of the Default Mode Network, of Left Hemisphere Dominance, of the Babylon System, of the Matrix, of Satan, of the Anti-Christ.

They are Pride and Vanity. Anger and Hate. Fear and Dejection. Lust and Greed. Delusion and Fanaticism. Ignorance and Indolence.

Pride and Vanity make us divas. Anger and Hate make us demons. Fear and Dejection make us victims. Lust and Greed make us addicts. Delusion and Fanaticism make us muppets. Ignorance and Indolence make us muggles.

There is no escape from the forest of Samsara without cutting the roots and branches of vice. But where is the axe? Not in the forest but beyond it. There is no cutting the roots and branches without escape from Samsara.

What is beyond Samsara? What is beyond the dark forest of the fallen world?

Beyond Samsara is God. God is the only way out.

Escape from Samsara is escape from Ego. So forget your Ego and remember God.

God is Three-in-One: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Father is the transcendent Parashiva. He is Emptiness, Energy, Matter, Life, Mind, Earth and Universe: Amun Ra Atum Ka Ba Gaia Jah.

The Son is the incarnate Shiva. He is Mystic, Shaman, Warrior, Monk, Philosopher, King.

The Holy Spirit is immanent Shakti. She is Peace, Love, Goodness, Beauty, Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.

Let this triune God be your axe to cut down the tree of Samsara at the very root. Then reject Satan and all his works, and the tangled forest of vice will never again grow back to stifle your spirit.