Thus Spoke Ayahuasca


Everything is a teaching.

Lost souls remind you to find your way.

Great souls remind you who you are.

The whispering serpent reminds you not to listen to snakes.

The smiling sun reminds you to smile.


The cosmic battle for your soul is here on Earth.

Heaven and Hell beckon continuously.

It’s true.

And yet…

But it’s still true.


No one has the last word.

There is no last word.

Learn true learning.

There is no end of learning.

But beware of false prophets.


Rest in great natural peace.

Everything is reconciled.


Believe in God.

Have faith in faith.


Be strong in faith.

Be strong in love.

Be natural. Be strong.

Remember the teachings.

Don’t worry about the teachers.


Teach love and peace.

Be good.

Be beautiful.

Be truthful.

Be soulful.


Tell her you’re sorry.

Tell her you love her.

But not necessarily in words.

Be happy.

Have fun.