The Pump and the Gyroscope

Zen is at the centre of spiritual practice.

Zen means “meditation” but also “enlightened awareness”.

It is both a practice and a state of mind, or rather no-mind, mu-shin.

It is nondual consciousness.

It is ONE.


The ONE becomes THREE with the birth of duality.

A exists in relation to A’ (not-A),

producing three terms: A, A’ and AA’.

In Kashmir Shaivism, we have Parashiva, Shiva and Shakti;

in the Christian Trinity, we have Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


The THREE becomes SEVEN in the same way.

A, B, C exist as A, B, C, AB, BC, AC and ABC.

This constitutes an octave, expressed in the Ray of Creation

as Emptiness, Energy, Matter, Life, Mind, Planetary and Universal Consciousness.


The TWELVE represents the solar calendar,

associated with the twelve signs of the zodiac,

the twelve tribes of Israel

and the twelve apostles of Jesus.


We can envisage the relationship between 1, 3, 7 and 12

as an expanding and contracting sphere

surrounded by three rotating wheels,

something like a pump and a gyroscope in one.


The central point of the sphere is ONE,

which expands to THREE and SEVEN

before contracting back to ONE again.


The three rotating wheels

represent the TWELVE month cycle

of the liturgical year of holy days and festivals,

the TWELVE books and the TWELVE playlists,

endlessly turning like three Tibetan prayer wheels

around a breathing universe.