After Religion

After religion and post the death of God,

human beings only have three options for a meaningful life.

The first is Epicurean-Darwinian:

“eat, drink and be merry (and reproduce) for tomorrow we die”.

This is minimal meaningfulness:

either outright, self-destructive hedonism or tempered, sensible hedonism.

(Epicurus was of course a sensible hedonist).

The other two are Nietzschean and Marxist:

either the will to power

or the will to unseat power.

The Nietzschean is also Darwinian, inspired by the idea of the survival of the fittest.

In the twentieth century it expressed itself politically

in Social Darwinism, Fascism and Nazism,

the corollary of the ideological elevation of the “fittest” therein

being the methodical, genocidal extermination of the “weakest”.

This is the outer manifestation, the “outer mysteries”.

The “inner mysteries” are represented by Carl Jung

and New Age personal development and potential movements.

The aim is to individuate as fully as possible as a self-actualised Superman,

or more modestly as fast-tracked Haute Bourgeois.

As with hedonism, there is an extreme version and a moderate version:

Cybernetic Transhumanism and Cultured Secular Humanism.

Both are inherently elitist.

Marxism also reads human history in terms of power,

but with a view to overturning existing power structures,

inspired by a utopian vision of universal equity (Communism).

The “outer mysteries” are revolutionary socialist politics,

which dominated (and oppressed) half the globe in the twentieth century.

The “inner mysteries” are represented by Sigmund Freud

and Woke social justice movements and identity politics.

Freudian psychoanalysis is all about equalising the psyche

by suppressing the Superego and expressing the Id.

Radical Feminism, Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory and Post-Colonial Theory

aim to equalise society by overturning collective Superegos:

the Patriarchy, White Supremacy, Heteronormativity and Eurocentrism.

The New Atheist movement similarly attempts to redeem society

by overthrowing the collective Superego known as Religion.

Thus the will to unseat power finds expression in various manifestations

of “Progressive Liberationism”.

After religion and post the death of God,

human beings really have only two things left to think about:

pleasure and power.

However, real human freedom and flourishing are, and always have been, found only in love.

And God is love.