Silver and Gold

What should you think about on psychedelics? If you start your trip with a negative mindset, especially if your mind is swarming with ants (anxious negative thoughts), you are setting yourself up for an unpleasant journey. Hence the importance of “set and setting”.

Second worse to a bad trip, however, is no trip. Pre-session nerves generally revolve around fear or greed: the sweaty fear of a bad trip or the burning desire for a good one. Both can derail the experience: fear obviously makes a bad trip more likely and greed makes a good one less.

So what should you think about? Thoughts have an extraordinarily powerful effect on your state of consciousness when you’re under the influence. “Right thought” isn’t just about avoiding bad experiences and damping down the flames of fear, anxiety and paranoia, but also about encouraging positive experiences and fanning the flames of shamanic power. The right thought at the right time can raise the frequency of a mild psychedelic buzz, just barely ticking over, to a full-blooded high pitch of intensity firing on all cylinders.

Such is the power of thought. And the most powerful thoughts are religious thoughts, that is, “the Word of God”. Which is why religious education and training is so important for the manifestation of spiritually powerful, transformative psychedelic experiences.

Pistis is essential. However, it’s no good just mouthing the words without actually believing them. Pistis is not pistis without faith. And the mushroom is no sucker: it knows whether you really mean it or not.

To wake the slumbering spirit of the psychedelic dragon, drop a silver Word into the lake of your mind. And to send the dragon deeper into the lake, drop golden Silence.

For words are silver, but silence is golden. And it is the skillful use of both the silver and gold of pistis and kenosis that will take you all the way, bare-back dragon-riding, to the blessed isles of spiritual enlightenment and bliss.